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American Bank Of Commerce - 82nd Street & Indiana

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Client: American Bank of Commerce

Project Completion: 1993

Project Size: 4,000 SF

Total Budget: $549,000


The American Bank of Commerce’s 82nd Street and Indiana location was the first new building constructed by this growing bank. Through efficient design of both the site and the floor plan, Chapman Harvey Architect, Inc. was able to provide four drive-up banking lanes, four inside teller stations, offices, and supporting spaces within the constraints of a relatively small site.


Aesthetically, the branch bank makes a bold statement with its stark white brick contrasting with the strong bands of color that wrap the building.  The  curvilinear corners emphasize the white color of the brick by creating gradient shadow patterns, while the visually-significant, round, brick columns repeat the curved shape on the exterior and in the interior of the building, offering a cohesive and memorable design.


This project was completed in two phases:   the demolition phase and the new construction phase.  CHA provided complete bid documents for the demolition of the site prior to providing the same for the new construction, thereby eliminating the unforeseen surprises that are often uncovered during demolition.

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