Caprock Home Health

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Client: Caprock Home Health Inc.

Project Completion: 2001

Project Size: 20,000 SF

Total Budget: $1,200,000

The design for the corporate offices of Caprock Home Health was unique in many ways.  Caprock Home Health is a growing medical equipment and supply company with a close-knit and involved staff.  The group wanted the family-like working atmosphere to drive the design of their new corporate offices.  It was very important to the Caprock Home Health staff that their offices reflect their company’s domestic image, and their intent was that the patrons of the business should feel as though they were entering a friend’s living room when they stepped into the Caprock Home Health offices.  


With these design criterion in mind, Chapman Harvey Architects, Inc. designed the offices with a pronounced residential feel.   The design includes a triple gabled façade with residential style windows.  The interior spaces reveal a well-lit, comfortable lobby and reception area, and the home-like atmosphere even extends into the office spaces through the incorporation of a sky-lit,  central  common area for employee use both during and after business hours.  Through attentive design, CHA was able to covert a corporate philosophy into the image for a new corporate home.