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Christ the King Family Life Center

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Client: Christ the King Catholic Church

Project Completion: 2008

Project Size: 40,000 SF

Total Budget: $4,000,000


Chapman Harvey Architects, Inc. worked with church staff and various parish committees in order to plan and secure financing for the two structures proposed in the expansion plans. These plans also included construction of the church bell tower that had been eliminated from a previous expansion due to cost issues. To assist in their fund raising efforts, CHA provided the church with a presentation quality scale model and graphic illustrations of the proposed concept for display and publication in fund raising materials.


The new Family Life Center includes a large gymnasium/multi-purpose space, full commercial kitchen, various sized meeting rooms, office and youth center. Also included in the expansion was a new Early Childhood Development Center which features eight classrooms each with direct access to toilet rooms and exterior covered play porches, for approximately 120 children.


The Early Learning Center was planned to have its own kitchen and separate entrance and outdoor fenced playgrounds so that individual security could be maintained yet allow immediate access to the gymnasium and other amenities of the Family Life Center. The Cathedral Tower was designed to serve as a symbolic focal point for the Parish and act as a grounding element for the growing church campus. The tower incorporates a new bell system, stained glass windows, prayer chapel and houses the church’s Tabernacle. A number of significant modifications were requested by the church as construction progressed.


All desired changes were incorporated into the project and with careful planning the construction projects were completed in budget and on time.


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