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Location: Lubbock, Texas

Client: City of Lubbock

Project Completion: Fall 2014

Project Size: 3,500 Affected SF

Total Budget: $2,300,000


Citibus Downtown Transfer Plaza

The downtown Transfer Plaza is home to Citibus and Greyhound. The Transfer Plaza is a major hub centrally located in downtown Lubbock. The facility was out of date and did not function to meet todays needs.


Chapman Harvey Architects assessed the building and comments from Citibus staff to renovate the existing floor plan adding a new break room to the east of the building and a new vending area to the south. The ticket counter was opened up to the Lobby, creating a more efficient package. An old storage area was made into a new meeting room just off of the main lobby area. New energy efficient lighting was added to the lobby to brighten up the entire building. A new roof and a/c units were also added to help with the efficiency. New exterior enhancements helped bring the facility up to date.


All improvements were phased over a period of time to accomodate the budget and continuously operating bus schedule.

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