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All Saints Episcopal School STEM Addition

Client Contact:               Wayne Collins
Project Size:                   10,000 SF
Project Start:                  April 2019
Project Completion:     August 2020
Contract Budget:          $2,713,538.00
Completion Budget:    $2,633,538.00
Architect of Record:     Lenora Ask
General Contractor:    Lee Lewis Construction
GC Contact:                   Liz Lonngren

All Saints Exterior
All Saints 1
All Saints 2
All Saints 3
All Saints 4
All Saints 5

CHA was hired to provide A/E services to All Saints Episcopal School for their new STEM Addition which includes a science lab, robotics lab, and three language classrooms. The new addition also serves to identify the middle school on campus and provide a complementary and cohesive extension of the look and style of the recent high school construction. Creative touches throughout the school serve to teach the students about the building components and systems. Structure, plumbing, electrical and data components will be strategically exposed and identified through color and graphics, providing the students with literal built-in learning opportunities. 

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