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Depot Alley

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Client: Nola and Damon Richards

Project Completion: 2002

Project Size: 2,000 SF

Total Budget: $300,000

alley arches1
alley arches9

The Depot Alley project lies at the heart of Lubbock’s entertainment district and serves as a catalyst for the westward expansion of the vitality found in the Depot District.  The owners of the 1700 block of Texas Avenue recognized the potential of their property, located one block west of the Depot District icons Cactus Theatre, Firehouse, and the Triple J Restaurant.  Chapman Harvey Architects, Inc. was enlisted by the owners to assist them in creating leasing interest through a series of preliminary renderings of the vision for Depot Alley.  Once momentum was established and the clients had secured several tenants, CHA then produced bid documents for the alley project.


The design for the Depot Alley includes a series of eye-catching archways; brightly colored by day, brightly lit by night.  The archways provide a visual connection to the Depot District, even visible from I-27.  The alley is a mix of areas for outdoor seating adjacent to restaurants and bars, and spaces for outdoor musical or festival venues, creating a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere. Working with the clients, CHA moved from vision to fruition for Depot Alley.


The Depot Alley renovations have become such an iconic addition to Downtown Lubbock, that it has been used as a backdrop for advertising campaigns both locally and Internationally.

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