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Emergency Operations Center

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Client: City of Lubbock

Project Completion: Fall 2018

Project Size: 15,325 SF


Lubbock’s  new  emergency  operations  Center  has  dispatch   operations for the City of Lubbock and Lubbock Power and Light. During  a  major  EOC  event    the  space can accommodate the following groups: Joint Information, Public Works, Public Safety, Logistics, Planning and a Policy Room. There  are  minimal  penetrations  in  the  building  envelope,  and  it is designed to meet ECC-500 shelter standards and hardened to survive and function after an EF—5 tornado direct hit. The  building  has several forms of redundancy to ensure its ability to function post incident.

Power: Power is fed from two independent utility power grids and is equipped with an emergency generator and alternate connections for a mobile generator. UPS power is provided to bridge the gap in the event that both utility grids and the on-site generator fail. UPS allows Critical operations to run for 90 minutes, or until a mobile generator is delivered and connected.

Mechanical: Critical spaces such as equipment rooms and dispatch areas are equipped with full redundancy. Other spaces are provided with multiple units in various configurations so the systems absorb individual failures and still keep the spaces functioning to meet the facility’s critical mission.

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