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SPCAA - Fields Building Renovation

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Client: South Plains Community Action Association

Project Completion: Winter 2011

Project Size: 23,000 SF

Total Budget: $3,000,000

Structural Engineer: Smith Engineering

MPE Engineer: BSA Consulting Engineers, PLLC


Located near a key intersection in downtown Lubbock, the Fields Building contains three diverse work groups for South Plains Community Action Association which provides living assistance and support services to local and surrounding families.  Excellent design typically necessitates a committed client and the personal involvement of the owner.  CHA, along with the input and support of our project team, was able to achieve a truly unique office experience. 


Renovations of the Fields Building included approximately 23,000 sq. ft. of offices, break rooms, conference rooms, storage, and support spaces offering views of downtown Lubbock and the surrounding area.  In order to maximize views and allow daylight to penetrate the interior space, generous amounts of tinted glazing was utilized at the exterior walls of the perimeter offices and by the use of frameless floor-to-ceiling glass for the partitions and doors in the conference room spaces.


Creating an open, welcoming, and rich environment was a priority for the design team.  The reception lobby flows into the waiting and office areas to maximize the feeling of openness.  The color and materials were also developed to juxtapose the building’s standard palette as a form of visual relief and to provide variety.  Building materials, such as the ceramic wall and floor tiles, contrasting resilient flooring, and carpets bring a warm and natural feel to the interior of the building.  Exposed steel beams and columns reconnect the observer to the building’s past.  Indirect lighting and suspended ceiling planes fill the office with a sense of spaciousness not typically found in older downtown buildings.

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