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Guthrie CSD - Activity Center and Gymnasium

Location: Guthrie, Texas

Client: Guthrie CSD

Project Completion: 2010

Project Size:

     Activity Center  -   9,000 SF

     Gymnasium      - 22,000 SF

Total Budget:

     Activity Center  -   $1,300,000

     Gymnasium      -   $4,400,000

Guthrie 05
Guthrie 06
Guthrie 11
Guthrie 10
Guthrie 09
Guthrie 08
Guthrie 07
Guthrie 04
Guthrie 03
Guthrie 02
Guthrie 01

Chapman Harvey Architects, Inc. worked with Guthrie CSD to design a new Activity Center and Gymnasium.  CHA was initially hired to provide architectural services for the Activity Center and was later awarded the contract for the new Gymnasium facility located on the same site.  Because Guthrie is such a small and close knit community, the design for their facilities had to reflect that community spirit, as the facilities will serve the overall community, not just the District.  Elements such as native field stone and an overall ranch feel reflect the traditional heritage found in the community. Heavy timber scissor trusses are featured in both designs and serve as the unifying element between the two facilities.  


Construction was completed for both the Activity Center and the Gymnasium just in time for the 2010 basketball season. Both are a wonderful demonstration of the value the community places on its children, not only in their educational needs but their overall happiness as well.   

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