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Hereford ISD - Cafeteria Renovations

Location: Herford, Texas

Client: Herford Independent School District

Project Completion: Fall 2011

Project Size: 8,000 Affected SF

Total Budget: $1,388,822


Built more than 60 years ago, the Hereford High School Cafeteria was in need of an upgrade. Functionally, the kitchen was too small to provide a comfortable work flow and the serving lines and stacking areas impeded the overall flow of the cafeteria. Aesthetically, the furnishings and spaces had not undergone any renovation since they were first built and purchased. Once again, HISD turned to CHA to assist in the design of their cafeteria remodel and addition.


The kitchen staff was provided a more spacious work environment, and the serving lines were lengthened. Much of the kitchen equipment was replaced and the new design included a supervisors office within the kitchen area. New student toilet rooms were provided as well.  In the cafeteria area, CHA worked to maintain the naturally lit space by replicating the window wall on the South expansion and reworking the North wall to allow even more light to enter the cafeteria. A new entrance was located in such a way that allowed for students entering the serving lines to stack in well defined areas that did not interfere with those moving through the line to their seats.


A variety of seating options were provided for the students, including round tables, bar seating and bench seating, replacing the original linear cafeteria tables and creating a more socially interactive space for the students to enjoy.

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