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Hereford ISD - Science Lab Renovation


Location: Herford, Texas

Client: Herford Independent School District

Project Completion: Fall 2010

Project Size: 6,000 Affected SF

Total Budget: $978,911

After successfully completing multiple projects for Hereford ISD, including two summers of HVAC replacements at the High School, CHA was asked to convert a former shop class into new, state of the art, science labs. The shop space had been utilized as storage for various organizations for years and was definitely under utilized space in the existing Hereford High School facility. The CHA design facilitated this largely unused space into two chemistry labs, a lecture classroom, and one combination biology lab.


Midway through construction, the District decided to convert another room adjacent to the on-going science lab construction into an addition Physics lab. CHA was able to design the additional Physics lab and with the Construction manager, the District was able to use all four labs starting in the Fall of 2010.


The transformation of the spaces was remarkable and by utilizing existing unused facilities, the district was able to maximize their construction dollars and minimize the length of construction.

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