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Hereford ISD - Tierra Blanca

Hereford Elementary_15 (smaller size)
Hereford Elementary_13 (smaller size)
Hereford Elementary_03 (smaller size)
Hereford Elementary_14 (smaller size)
Hereford Elementary_02 (smaller size)
Hereford Elementary_01 (smaller size)
Hereford Elementary_25 (smaller size)
Hereford Elementary_26 (smaller size)
Hereford Elementary_16 (smaller size)

Location: Herford, Texas

Client: Herford Independent School District

Project Completion: Fall 2019

Project Size: 40,000 Affected SF

Total Budget: $4,200,000

CHA is completing the construction documents for the renovation of Tierra Blanca Pre-K for Hereford ISD in Hereford, TX. Built in the shape of a hexagon in the 1970’s as an open concept school that almost immediately was converted partitioned classroom, the facility had been reconfigured in such a way that most of the classrooms lost valuable usable space to acute angles created by the dividing walls. CHA was tasked with renovating 35,000 square feet of the facility, create a secured entrance, minimizing the affects of the geometry, and creating an inviting image for the facility. Due to the extent of the renovation, CHA has worked closely with the District and the Construction Manager at Risk to limit the work to one school year, allowing ample time between construction completion and school start for teacher move-in.  

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