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Lubbock County - 7th Floor Renovations

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Client: Lubbock County

Project Completion: September 2011

Project Size: 7,432 Affected SF

Total Budget: $601,067

LubbockCountyOffices 7th Floor-12
LubbockCountyOffices 7th Floor-9
LubbockCountyOffices 7th Floor-8
LubbockCountyOffices 7th Floor-14
LubbockCountyOffices 7th Floor-13
LubbockCountyOffices 7th Floor-11
LubbockCountyOffices 7th Floor-10

The 7,430 SF renovation to the Lubbock County Auditor’s Office includes private offices, support spaces, conference room, reception, break room, and lobby area.  The auditing staff desired a more flexible work environment; Chapman Harvey Architects supported their vision by incorporating offices along the perimeter and larger private offices for upper management at the four corners of the floor.   The office’s along the exterior wall provided an opportunity for natural light and unobstructed views of the surrounding city from within the interior space.  Work stations were located within the central space for traveling staff and or visiting guests.  The main break kitchen is located to cause minimal disturbance to the work areas and looks over the west downtown neighborhood.  Outfitted with marker board, flat panel television and a less formal setting, the break room may also be used as alternative meeting space.  With our assistance, the staff is equipped with the right mixture of creative, collaborative spaces to be highly productive. 

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