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Lubbock County Community Center

Location: Wolfforth, Texas

Client: Lubbock County

Project Completion: 1999

Project Size: 4,000 SF

Total Budget: $380,000


Lubbock County’s goals for the community center located in Wolfforth included a low maintenance, durable facility for family and community gatherings to replace an old wooden structure near 50th Street and Slide Road in Lubbock.  The City of Wolfforth offered land at the south end of Paterson Park.  


In order to respect the architectural style of the City of Wolfforth’s City Hall and other municipal structures nearby, the architectural materials selected for this new community center complimented these existing structures.


Inside, the facility offers a full commercial kitchen, accessible public toilets, and a large meeting room.  In traditional wrap-around porch tradition, the design takes advantage of the park setting by providing users a shaded patio for outdoor activities that looks out over the park.  This feature of the community center extends the functionality of the center, allowing activities to spill outdoors as required.  The views of the park from the center are framed by the large columns of the protected patio, creating a picturesque setting for activities and gatherings. 

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