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Lubbock County - Elections Warehouse Addition

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Client: Lubbock County

Project Completion: February 2012

Project Size: 7,410 Affected SF

Total Budget: $635,000

LubbockCountyOffices EW-20
LubbockCountyOffices EW-16
LubbockCountyOffices EW-17
LubbockCountyOffices EW-15
LubbockCountyOffices EW-18

CHA completed the Lubbock County Elections Office project in February 2012, the renovation and extension to the existing warehouse space.  The County’s goals for the project were to increase the storage capacity while connecting the existing areas to the support functions to provide a more flexible and efficient work environment.  The renovation also created new office and work areas, as well as additional zones for storage.  Site improvements include revised parking arrangement, secure outdoor storage yards,  and improved drives while maintaining viable access to all areas of the facility.  The extension to the South increased the building’s presence while maintaining the existing building’s exterior facade and material palette.  

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