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Northwest Little League Fields

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Client: City of Lubbock

Project Completion: 2008

Project Size: 3 Ballfields and Amenities

Total Budget: $2,300,000


The Northwest Little League baseball fi elds were the third use of the prototype built in 2002 in McAlister Park; the Cavazos complex. The Northwest Little League is also designed for four baseball fi elds to share a common toilet and concession building. Each fi eld has its own press box, shaded dugouts, shaded bleachers, and irrigation and night lighting systems. Funding allowed for three of the four fi elds to be built at this time. When funding is available, the electrical power supply and controls have been designed to easily add the fourth field.

Northwest Little League has a long history in Lubbock and the citizens of this portion of town have demonstrated a deal of pride in the completed facility. During the field dedication ceremony, many current little league players and parents and former players expressed their heart felt thanks to the City for providing a modern facility. The Northwest Little League complex is part of the Fair Plaza park development, allowing facilities to participate in baseball games and family reunions at the same time; on the same afternoon.

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