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Hereford ISD Tierra Blanca

The renovation of Tierra Blanca Pre-K for Hereford ISD in Hereford, TX is a special project to CHA. Originally built in the shape of a hexagon in the 1970’s, the facility was converted into seperate partitioned classrooms, in a way that lost valuable usable space due to the acute angles created by the dividing walls. Beyond the issues of the original facility, the PreK program was being housed in a facility that was insufficient for the program needs. CHA was tasked with renovating the 35,000 square foot facility, create a secured entrance, minimize the affects of the geometry, and create an inviting image for the facility. Most importantly, the vision for the facility was that it inspired students from the beginning to love learning. Filled with fun colors coded for wayfinding for pre-reading students and graphics that reflected the Hereford community, the result is an excited facility that is enjoyed by the students and teachers alike.

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