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Sandhills Village Assisted Living Center

Location: Olton, Texas

Client: Running Draw Care Center, Inc.

Project Completion: 1999

Project Size: 10,000 SF

Total Budget: $1,000,000



Sandhills Village was a community wide effort of a small rural community to provide aging citizens with a superior environment in which to live out their “golden years” in comfort, dignity and independence.


The concept was developed as a large type B, assisted living facility constructed adjacent to an existing long term personal care center. The structure contains 16 living suites, group dining and living areas as well as physical therapy rooms, library, laundry, offices, and additional support spaces, all designed to help create a feeling of a home-like atmosphere.


Scales of constructed elements were kept small and intimate. Corridors were segmented and angled to create gathering nodes as well as limiting the sense of long institutional distances. Colors, natural lighting, materials, finishes, and fixtures were chosen to develop and accentuate this warm homey environment.


The facility was seen as successful to the point that a majority of the suites were leased before the construction was completed, furnished, and ready for occupancy.

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