Location: Eldorado, Texas

Client: Schleicher County ISD

Project Completion: August 2010

Project Size: 8,000 Affected SF

Total Budget: $2,300,000


Chapman Harvey was first hired by Schleicher County ISD to perform a Facility Assessment of the District. The goal was to evaluate and prioritize what was needed to be done with their limited funds. An evaluation booklet was prepared that included site specific and district questionnaires. It helped to reveal the district's facility strengths and weaknesses. The district determined that their first project was to renovate the middle school gym.

Eldorado now has an up to date, second competition gym with hot showers, plenty of light, and air-conditioning. The original gym was built in the early 1950’s and was in great need of up dating. The old showers had crumbling tile walls and floors, no hot water, and no ventilation. There were no girls’ lockers or dressing rooms in the building. Lighting in the gym was well below recommended footcandles for a gymnasium. The fire alarm and smoke detector system was non-existent.

After renovation, there are now boys’ and girls’ lockers, dressing rooms, showers, and coaches offices. All of these spaces are now protected by a fire sprinkler system with a state-of-art fire alarm system.  The fire protection has been updated throughout the gym and into the adjacent high school gym. The description used by the District to explain their excitement in having the old gym back in safe usable condition is “sexy.” The new gym lights and addition of lobby windows has greatly increased the level of light on the playing floor, which will result in a safer and more pleasant play environment.

The second project was putting air conditioning in the high school gym. Their final project was going to be the renovation of the high school and theater. however, the district could not raise the funds and the project was put on hold.

Eldorado Middle School Gym