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Whether you are looking to renovate an existing property or develop a completely new project, Chapman Harvey Architects, Inc. provides all the design services you will need to fully realize your dream.  


  • Architectural Design

  • Structural Design*

  • Mechanical Design*        

  • Electrical Design*

  • Civil Design*

  • Landscape Design*

  • Material Research

  • Specifications



* through the use of consultant


One of the most important steps to take for the success of your project is making sure you have a clear plan.  CHA offers the following services to make sure your project has both a feasible and developed plan to make your journey a success:

  • Programming

  • Functional Relationships

  • Existing Facilities Surveys

  • Feasibility Studies/Assessments

  • Site analysis, selection, and development planning

  • Site utility studies

  • Zoning process assistance

  • Master Planning

  • Energy/Sustainability studies

  • Building Code Analysis

After design and once the Construction drawings are complete, Chapman Harvey Architects, Inc. will assist and guide you through the entire Bidding and Negotiation process.


  • Construction Manager Selection

  • Bidding materials

  • Addenda and response to bidder inquiries

  • Bidding or Negotiation

  • Analysis of alternates and substitutions

  • Bid Evaluation

  • Value Engineering

  • Contract award



Throughout the entire process, CHA will remain at your side to ensure your project meets the standard and quality that you expect.


  • Coordination of disciplines

  • Document quality control

  • Agency Consulting and review approval

  • Value analysis balanced with budget and program

  • Schedule development

  • Evaluation of budget and preliminary estimate of cost of work

  • Presentations

  • Assistance in fundraising efforts - Presentations, Models, Renderings, Brochures, etc.


One of Chapman Harvey Architects strongest areas of expertise is in Design Visualization.  One of the most useful tools for you is being able to see what your project is going to look like early on in the process.  At CHA, we have a full staff that is proficient in 3D computer renderings, Hand Built Models, 3D walk-throughs and more.  If you would like to learn more about, or see examples of our design visualization work, feel free to Contact Us for more information on the following:


  • Full large format and standard format printer and scanner capabilities

  • 3D Computer Modeling 

  • Full Color Rendering

  • 3D Digital Walk-throughs and Digital tours of your project

  • Laser Cut Model Building

  • 2D Construction and Presentation Drawings

  • Full use of BIM (Autodesk Revit) software for drawings

  • Project Management Software Savvy (ProCore and Kahua)


Being able to "step into" your project before the drawings are completed by use of full 3D rendered walk-throughs is on of the newest tools CHA offers.  Now more so than ever it is easier for you to imagine what your project is going to look and feel like early on in the design process.  Visit our Youtube Channel to see all of our current videos that we have, and check back often to see what's new!

Our team also has the capability of documenting your project with either a drone, or '3D' Video Camera - never has it been easier to share current project process with our clients!  

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