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Stella's Restaurant

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Client: Stella's

Project Completion: 2002

Project Size: 3,000 SF

Total Budget: $700,000



Stella’s  owner  was very interested in adapting a former restaurant to his own needs.  With a very limited budget, the owner wanted to transplant the atmosphere and flavor he currently enjoyed at a location near the Texas Tech campus; open, yet intimate New York, New York.


In order to create the open feel, Chapman Harvey Architects, Inc. proposed that most of the interior non-load bearing walls be eliminated. Many of the materials were re-worked or replaced in order to enhance the open feel while still providing some sense of privacy and intimacy for the patrons in the dining areas.  Visually the spaces were made much more stimulating through the use of rich colors and signage.  The restrooms were relocated away from the front entry allowing the deli space to function independently of the dining rooms.


The exterior was completely transformed through the use of new materials and the creation of an outdoor dining area.  Windows and doors were replaced and the former steak house was transformed into the new Stella’s, with all the character and “big apple” feel of the original, local favorite.

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