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Southwest Little League Fields

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Client: City of Lubbock

Project Completion: 2008

Project Size: 3 Ballfields and Amenities

Total Budget: $2,200,000


The Southwest Little League baseball complex is the fourth complex to be built from the Cavazos prototype. Where the  cavazos complex was built on virgin soil and had virtually no space limitations, the Southwest Little League complex had to be worked into an existing park. The Southwest Little League site was already occupied by fifteen year old baseball fields and concession. This site was also adjacent to a playa lake and within a fl ood zone.


The first step in the design was to change the orientation of the concession and toilet buildings in order to fit a tighter site; while still maintaining a useful proximity to the two fields. Per flood zone criteria, any new structures had to be built above the 100 year base flood elevation. After many design meetings with City employees and officials, the finished floor elevation was set 36” below the base flood elevation, but all electrical powered devices had to be 12” above the base flood elevation. All of this, plus the limitations of handicap accessibility slopes were achieved, and construction was sufficiently completed before the 2008 baseball season ended. 

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